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Meet Devantae Butler


Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur & Survivor

Devantae Butler is one of the top youngest, motivational speakers in the country. He is driven by his struggling past and major losses that include the sudden death of his brother/teammate Darrell Turner in high school. Devantae was motivated to start speaking after he took the microphone at his brother's funeral and spoke words of hope to over 500 people for the first time! Butler's original goal was to go to the NFL but after conflict and facing homelessness at 20 years old, Devantae found himself trying to figure out what was next. That answer came on February 7th, 2014 when he survived a life-threatening car accident where he was ejected from his seat and thrown out of the back window of the vehicle. If it was not for God, Devantae is certain that he would not be alive today. After a shocking miracle in his eyes, Devantae turned his attention to a "PURPOSE," where he began his journey as CEO/President of RNDRT (Reaching New Dreams & Recognizing Talents). The young entrepreneur has since spoken to over 400+ schools, colleges, universities, events and conferences in the last three years. Butler's unique poetry, wordplay and storytelling make him the perfect candidate to inspire any audience to seek positivity. He motivates others to "BE MORE," and instills a hunger for achieving greatness in their lives just as Devantae has in his own life. 

Mr. Butler is young, he is on fire and he is on point. The energy he brings to his speeches is unprecedented, which gives him the unique ability to relate/connect to his audiences on a deep spiritual and emotional level. 

Devantae Butler's personal mission is to shift his generation's perspective by showing what hard work and commitment looks like!


Devantae Butler North Catholic High School


~ Best selling author of two books ~




~ Spoken at 400+ schools, conferences, colleges, universities & events ~


~ Reached 50,000+ students & counting ~


~ Created a guided Leadership curriculum ~


~ National & International Bookings ~

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