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"Have you ever lost someone? Not as in death, more like their availability in your life is no longer valid? Now, you are in a season of isolation with no comfort by human beings. It's making you vulnerable.

The truth is most of us give people in our lives a discount. We give people the benefit of the doubt before they reveal their true selves. God has a way of showing us that certain people don't belong in our lives, which puts us in this isolated season where we cannot find one person to relate to. It's time to open our eyes to something special. Instead of complaining about this lonely season, we need to embrace it! 

'Isolation is the transformation to elevation.' You are about to enter into a new season which means you have to leave the old you behind! With this book, you will gain the power of challenging the discipline you need so that you can collaborate with God to reach your extraordinary destiny. It's a mindset that will ultimately lead to your BREAKTHROUGH."


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